Many criminal court records can be access through the same online portal that provides docket access for Stark County, the Stark County Ohio Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) website.

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Criminal court records are the documents produced throughout a criminal case, from the initial charges brought against an individual to the court’s final jugement. They include information about the defendant, the charges against them, court dates and appearances, bail and bond, please, trial outcomes, and sentencing decisions. While these records are typically considered public, some information may be redacted due to privacy concerns.

An account is required to use CJIS to access criminal court records. The records maintained in this system include those created by the Criminal, Civil, and Domestic Relations Divisions of the Stark County Court of Common Pleas. The District Court uses different online systems to provide access to court records. Their Case Management System provides access in pending criminal and civil cases. The Public Access Court Electronic Records systems provide access to those unavailable in the Case Management System. Those requesting court records are encouraged to utilize these systems, but can make requests through the Clerk’s Office. Copies of records are free in the Case Management System, cost 10 cents per page sin the Public Access Court Electronic Records System, and cost 50 cents per page when requested from the Clerk’s Office.